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Terms & Conditions:

Jet Ski At Sunset

Weight restrictions: You must be able to fit into a coast guard approved life guard to ride. Weight restrictions may be increased or decreased depending on wind or sea conditions, on that date.

Physical Restrictions: We cannot accommodate anyone with chronic back/neck problems; anyone who has had previous back/neck surgery; or anyone who is pregnant or thinks she may be pregnant. Participants must be able to walk down and board the jet ski with minimal or no assistance. The boats are not wheelchair accessible.

Age Restrictions: Minimum age to ride is 5 years old and 3 feet tall. To drive you must be 16 with proof of age. Also, if you are under 18, you must have a parent signature. This means that children younger than 5 will have to remain on land, along with pregnant women, and those individuals with back or neck problems, or individuals who have had previous back or neck surgery. All persons riding on jet skis must have physical strength to pull themselves up onto it, if they fall off.

Waivers: All participants must sign waivers. A child’s parent must fill out a waiver for children under the age of eighteen (18).


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